you will discover the Winning With Words Power System

I am a speaker and communication expert. I help entrepreneurs, consultants and others who have to speak and present in public and who want to improve their communication skills. Resulting in more confidence, having a stronger message which attracts more clients, more deals and thus more income. You can achieve all this by applying the Winning With Words Power System ™


Lis Manson is an international best-selling author and communication expert. She has over 20 years of experience in the area of speaking, presenting and communicating. Born in Manchester England, Lis is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations improve their speaking and communication skills so they can feel more confident when giving professional presentations and deliver their message in a clear way that attracts more clients and closes more deals.

"Lis is a gifted storyteller. She always presents with confidence and clarity. I think you’ll find her laughter infectious too."

- Lynn Gauthier

"If you want to learn to speak with purpose and passion, I highly recommend the Winning With Words workshop. Lis Manson is an engaging speaker and stands out from the rest with her personal and easily relatable style. I learned so much in this workshop and now feel more confident to speak in front of audiences of any background and size."

- Mike Aquan-Assee